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Evolution of Human Rights September 20, 2012

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This is a repost of an article on my personal blog on human rights:

I think one of the most interesting thing about human rights is how our view of them as a people has evolved over time. Over on our facebook page we are documenting some of the key developments in the history of human rights, but this is only a snapshot of the highlights of a long and worthwhile struggle.

One of the most interesting developments for me is the slow progress from the rights of small interest groups towards universality. How small groups fighting for their own rights became larger groups until now we are humans fighting for the rights of all humanity.
From the rights of barons over the King to the rights of Englishmen, to the rights of Man and the Citizen, to the rights of women, civil rights and LBGT rights. The Universal Declaration of Human rights came after the deaths of millions across two world wars, but even those deaths pale to the millions more who came before fighting for a similar cause, just in a smaller theatre.

The history of political and philosophical thought on human rights is a long and worthy tradition that I will seek to share and document to show how our struggle now in the UK is one more step in the journey of millions to fight for and secure their rights.

I think it is all too easy to see the battle for the Human Rights Act as just more politics being played as a game in Westminster, forgetting the underlying history of the movement, but it is much more than that.  What we have here in the UK is just our small piece of a larger construct of liberty built over hundreds of years by thousands of hands.  I for one am not going to take a step backward.


LBGT rights are HUMAN rights September 19, 2012

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Uganda’s first ever gay pride parade.
This is what bravery looks like!

These are the sort of rights we believe human beings deserve. The kind of rights the Human Rights Act grants by law. The same law the Tories want to remove. I’m proud to march in support of human rights.

Welcome to our fight for human rights September 11, 2012

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The Human Rights Act was introduced into British Law in 1998. Prior to that, anyone seeking the protection from an infringement of their basic liberties had to apply to the European Courts, under the European Convention. This was both arduous, expensive and time consuming.

The Human Rights Act has made a significant contribution to the protection of civil liberties in this country and in doing so as created enemies. The big ‘C’ Conservative Party and the small ‘c’ conservative press have committed themselves to getting rid of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The same conservative forces who have so successfully fought off fair votes and have defended the undemocratic House of Lords, will not doubt be turning their anti- liberal attention to the Human Rights Act.

Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats are committed to all in our power to defend this important bit of legislation. We will work will all and any to that end. By way of contribution to that defence we have set up this website. We need to fight for our rights by fighting for the retention of the 1998  Human Rights Act in British law.

Please follow us and we will keep informed of our developing campaign.

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